How Do You Stop Time?

Dilemma: from anonymous

"Last year my life was perfect. I had everything. Do you think your past comes back to you or is life simply a linear progression? I feel like I was a better person then too, how do I get back to that place?"


The Truth

You can not stop time, you can only embrace it. Reality speaks for itself. It all seems like a lifetime ago, because when routines die, your life dies, and i guess thats what makes the undeniable evidently true: that we are only alive for a second. One second. And thats life. Because after that everything changes and the place you were before no longer exists and the habitual activities that made you that person in that place are dead too, and call it what you want, a memory, but if it doesn’t exist then what is it? It is nothing, you were nothing. And that is how the eternal glory and immortal essence of humanity dies: with the realization that we never were.

The Wise Kiwi Has Spoken