Can You Answer This?

Dilemma: From Sophie

"So you said that for philosophers asking questions is more important than answering them. You are mainly answering other questions, so what are your own deepest and lingering questions that you have failed to answer thus far?"


My Truth

10 questions I may never have peace with...

1. If the universe encompasses

everything, and it is constantly expanding, what is it expanding into?

2. Are we governed by fate or free will or both?

3. Are numbers real or are they just a societal construct whose patterns are manifested within our minds?

4. Is there truly any connection between the human heart and human emotion?

5. Do people see the same colors that I see or is my blue actually someone else's pink?

6. Will artificial intelligence ever have consciousness?

7. How Does Time Travel Work?

7a) What about the space time continuum from Interstellar?

7b) What about Hermione Granger's Time-Turner?

8. Is vulnerability to cancer part of human evolution?

9. What are the limits of science?

10. How did Gatsby get his money?