Utopian Government?

Dilemma from Jenna:

"What is the ideal government? What is the right Political Philosophy?"


My Truth

"Utopia": a term coined by Sir Thomas More, yet an idea fantasized upon since and before the Platonic age. It is a place or state wherein everything is perfect. What a sumptuous concept, but in our modern age can it ever be achieved?

I object to the oppression of unbridled capitalism. As a Capitalistic society we are fueled by the constant desire for more; innovation is driven by greed, progress by hunger, and satisfaction exists only in the future, never in the present moment. Furthermore, Capitalism is a political philosophy which plays on inconsistencies; each triumph comes at the expense of others; it corrupts our morality, effectively rejecting altruism.

Nevertheless, pure socialism diminishes the human spirit. It infers that we each have the same ambitions, the same abilities. And to be held victim to this mentality, it to naively misinterpret the great disparity amongst the human species.

But to castigate a system without submitting a solution, is the agent of human retrogression. I suppose then the solution lies somewhere in-between, yet it seems still subjective--a bias dependent on one's economic and social position. For now I have no answer except that the populace can never concur and thus perfection is an illusion.