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A Sign from God or god?

What kind of sign God would have to send in order for you to believe there was a God?


I believe in God. Not because I particularly think there is a physical God standing above the Earth watching it, or because I think God molded humans in a way contradictory to evolution, or even because I believe in the legends of Gods on Earth; I believe in God because I believe in an ambiguous deeper meaning and deeper connection within the universe, and I call this connection God. Thus, by virtue of my beliefs, my faith would be reaffirmed by any sign created by the universe as this would prove a deeper connection among all beings and objects suspended in a myriad of “godliness”.

An example of this sign would be any strange coincidence or miracle unlikely to happen in my life. I was once driving with my friend Chase, going to a friends house; unfortunately, we got lost. However, we ended up on Chase Street. I do not believe in coincidences truly, I felt that this occurrence was an affirmation of my belief in a deeply connected universe—my belief in God. Recently, I was in Spain with my friend Georgia. As we were walking down the streets of Sevilla, Georgia’s brother’s caretaker, Lula, was on the phone with Georgia. We then walked into a random gelato store and saw Lula’s ex-boyfriend. He recognized Georgia because him and Lula dated for 4 years apparently, but it was still so strange because Georgia had completely forgotten about him and had no idea he lived in this particular part of Spain. Other examples would include fortune cookies. Every time I open a fortune cookie I swear the fortunes are always so relevant to my current situation that it has to be more than a coincidence. Of course, one may claim that I simply interpret the fortunes in a way that makes them relevant. But it is more than that, fortune cookies seem to always be so unreasonably accurate. Coincidence seems less than likely in a universe with a tendency towards chaos.

For me, God does not need to write “I exist” on a blimp or in the clouds. For me, my faith is reaffirmed each day by the small coincidence of life that prove deep connection within our universe.

The Wise Kiwi Has Spoken

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